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Going into 2022,  applicants must strategically assist us in good stewardship of existing and future resources. We encourage partnerships with other agencies to ensure that community members have access to resources that meet their most critical needs while building a sustainable, collaborative non-profit environment. 

Requirements for Submission

  1. Globe-Miami Service Area
  2. 501(c)3 Status
  3. Current with Arizona Corporation 

Available Resource Mindfulness

For the 2021 funding application cycle, United Fund was able to fund 58% of requests and funded no first-time applicants. 2020 Capital Requests remain on hold as we evaluate long-term fiscal implications of both COVID-19 pandemic, Telegraph and Mescal fires. 

Participation Requirements

Agencies are required to abide by the participation agreement for being a United Fund of Globe-Miami, Inc. agency. This includes: annual canvassing, including United Fund's logo in promotional and marketing materials, contributing positively to United Fund's reputation in the community.

Collaboration & Sustainability

In addition to encouraging agencies to collaborate with one another locally, United Fund encourages local organizations to collaborate for long-term sustainability. If your organization is applying for funding from another source and needs a letter of support from United Fund, please email us. Our average turn-around for letters of support is 6 business hours. Of the support letters we've provided in the past 5 years, 98% of the projects have been funded. 

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.